Deciding on who will be in your birth team is a very important decision to make and should consist of participants who will respect your birth choices and who will support you throughout your perinatal period. There are different combinations of a birth team. You would first decide where you would like to birth. Are you most comfortable birthing at home, a birthing centre or hospital? Then you would choose your healthcare providers, namely an Obstetrician or midwife, doula etc. Who will be at your birth? Your husband, partner, mother, your other children?

But why would you need a doula, if you have your partner or husband with you?

Partners have a specific role in comforting you, but they may not always be sure of how to support you both physically and emotionally. A doula is trained in childbirth support and has had childbirth experience of her own. A doula would assist both mother and partner from the beginning of the pregnancy. A relationship will be fostered early on so that you are both comfortable during labour. Various labour and pain relief techniques would be discussed. She would also assist you in writing your birth plan.

Did you have a doula or are you thinking of hiring one?