The Natural Birth Box
The Natural Birth Box
The Natural Birth Box
The Natural Birth Box
The Natural Birth Box
The Natural Birth Box
The Natural Birth Box

The Natural Birth Box

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The Mummary has designed this comprehensive kit to support mothers and birthing partners through every stage of a vaginal birth. The box includes a birth plan, affirmation cards, birthing ball and natural pain-relief goodies. It can also be used during and after caesarean births.


My Holistic Birthing Passage
Take control of your birthing journey with this handy booklet, which serves as a communication tool between you and your birthing team. The birth plan covers the entire birthing journey, including postpartum care, so you can make your needs known every step of the way.

Birth Affirmation Cards
A set of 30 beautiful cards, each with a positive birthing affirmation to help you stay calm and clear-headed. The mind is such a powerful tool, and focusing your thoughts on affirmations like these will help you take on the challenges of pregnancy and labour.

Birthing Ball
Similar to an exercise ball, the 65cm birthing ball helps to strengthen the lower back as mom prepares for labour. It helps to open the pelvis and prepare the body for an easier birth in the months leading up to baby’s arrival.

Soylites Unscented Soy Massage Candle
This is a luxurious soy wax candle that gives off a soft light and also doubles as a warming massage treatment. It’s biodegradable, toxin-free and safe for use during pregnancy and on babies. Packaged in glass, with a pure cotton wick.

Home Spun Apothecary Heat Pack
A 100% cotton heat pack, filled with buckwheat and soothing lavender. So good for soothing those postpartum aches and pains as well as during labour.

Sitz Bath 
Use this natural herb blend for a therapeutic soak that will ease pain, discomfort and inflammation following vaginal childbirth. The sitz bath contains soothing herbs like lavender and chamomile.

Medac Perineal Disposable Icepack

Easy to use and instant relief for postpartum use on  caesarean incision, vaginal tears and engorged breasts. 


  • 7-piece gift pack
  • Birthing Ball: 65cm diameter
  • Soy Candle: Packaged in glass
  • Heat Pack: 285g
  • Sitz Bath 
  • Medac Perineal Icepack


Soylites Unscented Soy Massage Candle
Coconut oil, grapeseed oil

Heat Pack
Buckwheat & lavender buds in a cotton outer

Sitz Bath Salts
Epsom salt, sea salt, lavender buds, calendula, chamomile, comfrey

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