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“A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Diane Mariechild

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Mothering is one of the most profound, transformative, and challenging journeys a woman will undertake in her lifetime.


Laying the foundation to mother by becoming fully conscious. You are the cocoon that your baby develops in.


Birth is the gateway to motherhood. Supporting the mother in you that is being born. You are the expert.


Your self-care, your needs and wants, are essential ingredients in healthy mothering. Your baby will thrive when you are thriving.


As a working mother, expressing milk can be quite stressful. Especially if you do not know how much milk is enough. This berry lactation granola doubled the amount of expressed milk! And it is very tasty too! 


Ahhh, I finished the whole packet in a day. Just could not get enough. I ate it plain as is and could not control myself. I like that it was fresh an tasty.  (lactation granola)


Yummy snack! (lactation granola)


Belly binding is a fantastic postpartum tool used in many cultures around the globe. Not only does it physically help your abdomen realign but it feels deeply containing, a place to rest into in the early mothering days. This is the first step in preventing diastasis recti, prolapse womb, lower back issues and hip misalignment. Once your belly is settled back in its rightful place, you can start the correct pelvic floor, diaphragm and abdominal exercises. Thank you The Mummary for this comfortable and effective belly bind. (Bengkung Bellybinding Kit)


The Breastfeeding Mama Box from The Mummary helped me in the beginning, with so many great products to use.


The Mummary have these wonderful "My Holistic Birthing Passage" booklets where mamas can write out their entire birth plan, they even include a section for mamas having caesareans.


Been pretty anxious about my milk supply decreasing during Ramadaan but Alhamdulilah one week down and we still going strong. Absolutely love The Mummary's delicious lactation granola and their lactation cookies.


Had a bit of a rough start to Mothers Day, so didn't feel worthy of celebrating. Then I thought, funk that chicken, put on my Mama's T-shirt and am having an awesome day!